More so than ever before,  the need to take care of ourselves, our immune system, our mental health and our stress level is front and centre. Most of us know what we want. A simple sustainable way to support our systems so we have the health and wellbeing needed to live our lives to the fullest.


But many just don’t know how to get there, in a world where burnout, stress and overwhlem are at an all-time high and the old paradigm of a pill for every ill just isn't cutting it. 


The world of natural health can be an overwhelming rollercoaster of conflicting advice, information overload and unachievable regiemes. It can seems that we must give up the world and his wife while finding the precious time to implement the endless list of must dos. So much guilt, shame and pressure!!! Life shouldn't been that hard. And it doesn't have to be. 

 I’m Caroline Nolan and I'm a medical herbalist, psychotherapist and natural mind-body mentor.



With 20 years of experience working with people therapeutically, I cater for a wide range of people looking for guidance and healing on all levels. 

Some come with serious physical health issues, having exhausted the conventional medical route to no avail and with their backs against the wall.  
More come with mental and emotional challenges such as anxiety, depression & panic attacks looking for a natural treatment approach.
And many connect with me in order to develop a sustainable pathway to maintain their health and wellbeing moving forward, as a preventative measure rather than waiting until they  need a cure.

What all have in common is a desire for freedom from symptoms, to regain vibrant health and peace of mind through a natural, achievable and sustainable model. 

natural health practitioner

I give people looking for a simple sustainable way to support their health and wellbeing, a natural mind-body framework to create a path to wellbeing that works with their unique energy, personality and lifestyle. 


Because we dont believe in a one size fits all approach, our framework is designed to give a pathway rather than prescription. In this way we empower you to make choices around what is realistic and sustainable for you. Getting out of the overwhelm and into a place of clairty around what you need, we offer a one-stop shop where you can co-create a system that supports the physical, mental and energetic selves through the use of plants, purpose and the power of the psyche. 


Some of my CORE VALUES that inform my buiness and work with people are - 

INTEGRITY: I value my integrity and that of others therefore I hold this bar quite high for both myself & my clients. 
AUTONOMY: I believe in interdependence while working with people. One of the cornerstones of my work is to support and encourage the autonomy of the individual, their own unique wisdom and capacity to create their own progress path. 
Very simply put - Give a (wo) man a fish VS teach a (wo)man to fish. Empowerment is about supporting people on a journey to remember their power and reclaim thier health, wellbeing and wisdom.
INCLUSIVITY: I really do my best to live and let live. And I do not always get it right. I am happy to work with anyone who is ready to engage in the process and get their finger out regardless of what shape, shades or circumstance they come to me in. 
ACCESSIBILITY:  With the awareness of my total priviliage in life (even when it has sucked) in comparison to the vast majority of the female population of the planet, it is my mission to create multiple access points to my work so that our framework can be accessible regardless of circumstance. 

If you would like to learn more about the pathways to work with me, follow the links below. 

Caroline is a member of the following professional bodies:


The Irish Association of Master Medical Herbalists (MIAMMH)

Supervisiors Association of Ireland (MSAI)

Irish Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (IACP)