Having worked therapeutically with people for many years, I have become all too familiar with the “revolving door” syndrome that can occur with people who struggle with mental health issues, particularly when prescription medication becomes the only solution on offer.
People tend to go up and down, in and out of that door until it gets to a point where the door is closed, locked and barricaded resulting in a life sentence of pills and more importantly a sense of disempowerment where people become victims of a choiceless situation.
Did you know that its estimated that 1 in 5 Irish people are on anti-depressant medication?
That is 20% of the population and does no include sleeping medications and anti-anxiety medication such as Xanax & Valium. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an advocate of extremism in any form be it natural or pharmaceutical and there is most certainly a valid place for prescription medication. However, these statistics...
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Before having children, I loved my sleep. I loved my space. More on point would be to say, my nervous system loved my sleep and loved my space. That is before my nervous system came across the cheese grater experience of being a mother to a newborn. Lets just say, before long, some nourishing nervines and soothing sedative herbs were called for!


No matter how many books you read, ante-natal classes you take or experts you engage, nothing can really prepare you for the arrival of your little one. Yes its the most incredible journey and of course we wouldn't change it but wouldn't it be nice if we were a little more prepared and made aware of the real challange's we may face and what we could do to possibly support our systems, rather than just  trying to survive? 


I worked for a number of years providing therapeutic support to new mothers. I met hundreds of mothers over them years with childern ranging in age from new born to toodlers and beyond....

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