3 Biggest Barriers to Sustainable Natural Health

Many people these days are looking to live a healthier life. There are the younger millennials who have grown up with a health and fitness conscious media and advertising industry where “healthy living” is marketed to within an inch of its life. 
Then there are the mummies. Now that they have little ones to be caring for and well lets just say, their energy and waistline are not what it used to be, suddenly they become aware of not only their own health and wellbeing but of the weight of responsibility for their children to boot.  
Last but not least there are the middle-aged upward population whose vincibility inevitably presents itself and the focus becomes how can I grow older with the best health, energy and least debilitation and illness possible?
Regardless of where you fit into this picture, the desire and drive is there to live the healthiest life possible. So why is it that its so bloody hard to stick with the plan??? I...
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