Working with people on both a physical and emotional healing level, there is one area that presents again and again as central to the healthy functioning of the individual. The Heart. On a physical level, when it stops functioning we die. On an emotional and energetic level, when its negatively impacted we disconnect and our relationship with those around us, the world a large and life itself can be hindered.

The Heart is always at the heart of the matter.
l recentIy wrote a piece on our abundant, native heart tonic Hawthorn – Crataegus. You can read about its benefits and how to use it here. I love to share when there are simple, local, abundant plants that nourish and strengthen our system on all levels, and it inevitably leads me to consider what other means can be used to tone and support us on a mind-body level.
As a natural healer, I’ve been trained to consider the emotion or energy that is connected to different organs in the body.
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