Resourced & Resilient using Plant Medicine & Psychological Principles

There is much talk of resilience these days. The resilience of the children, what sectors of the economy are resilient in the face of Covid-19 and of course the need for resilience in the face of the mental health challenges that our current situation presents. 
So what exactly is resilience, how do we cultivate it and what do we need to be watching out for when it comes to keeping ourselves well resourced in the face of challenging times? 
The dictionary definition of resilience is - 
“ the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.”
So we're talking about the ability to bounce back, shoulder the burden, carry on carrying on.  Some of us naturally have more of this than others. Each person is unique in their strengths and areas of vulnerability. However what we do all have in common is the oppurtunity to build on, strengthen and expand our resources at any given time...
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