One of the fabulous benefits of having 9 months of pregnancy is that it gives us time to adjust and prepare for what is without a doubt one of the biggest transitions in life. The first trimester is often a time of wonder or maybe shock, excitement but with a mix of nerves, worry and anticipation of what's to come. 
Getting over that initial 12 week period for many is a huge relief, both from a safety perspective and physical comfort perspective. It often feels like your over a hump and able to get into your stride. Its a time to enjoy the life and the experience of carrying your baby. 
Most of us make a conscious effort to take good care of ourselves from the time we get pregnant until the baby is born. We are aware of the importance of good nutrition, gentle exercise and the minimising of stress and negativity. It can often be more challenging than one would think as knowing whats best and doing whats best are sometimes not that easy to align in reality!
 If only life were that simple and
we all could do the right thing all the time!
But we are human, and life can be challenging and even when we know better we still can't always do better. We can only do our best, and it has to be good enough. 
In many ways, pregnancy is a grounding and preparation for the lifetime to come as a mother and the challenge of doing our best and allowing that to be enough. As we move into the 3rd trimester, once again the discomfort can return both physical as we get heavier and mentally and emotionally as we draw closer to our baby arriving into the world and all the hopes and fears that accompany this. 
The truth is that woman is the gateway, the portal through which new life comes. And this gateway gives way to more than one new life.
Of course we first have the baby crossing the threshold into the world and be it by vaginal birth or C-section, preparing the body for this transition is a solid and tangible way to get the gateway ready. 
We also are birthing the new life of the mother. This is often missed in a society where the place of women at the centre of childbirth has  been often relegated to an afterthought. For many women, the birthing of their baby is a rights of passage like no other. They are passing though a gateway into an unknown new world. And preparing this gateway is done by way of supporting the mental and energetic health of the woman.
There are many ways to do this. Once again the use of supportive herbs for the end of pregnancy and birth stage is just one option. The correct use of herbs helps prepare the mother to be with not only the physical journey of birth but also the whole person journey through the gateway to motherhood. 
For a simple place to start, check out our New Mama Herbal Remedies range through the link below. 

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