I came across this blog post from my old site which was written about 3 years ago. Its a bit erie to say the least considering where we find ourselves now. I have left it unchanged as it still rings through and is like a bit of an echo chamber. Now more than ever we need to start taking charge of you health and wellbeing and not just be waiting till we get sick. 
DISCLAIMER: Herbs do not TREAT Covid-19 or any other illness. Herbal medicine supports the body in its natural processes to fight infection and come back to balance. 
Having been away over the Christmas period, arriving home to headlines about flu epidemics, contact from schools urging us to keep our children home if they had any symptoms of sickness and general stress and panic about the level of debilitating viral infection doing the rounds, lets say it hasn’t been the ideal start to the year!
Coming from a culture of the over-use of antibiotics for many years, its very upsetting for people to hear that when it comes to viral infection, there is nothing that can be done. Rest, take warm drinks and ride it out is the official line. WHAT!!! It doesn’t sit well when we are used to a pill for every ill!! Well the truth is that antibiotics have no impact on viruses and it’s a good thing we are beginning to understand this. However, there is much herbal medicine has to offer in the case of viral infection so - 
Anti-viral herbs are a classification of herbs that can inhibit the development of viruses, enhance immune function and fight infection, shortening the length of illness. The wonderful thing about using these herbs is that many not only have no side effects but are also anti-inflammatory, support the nervous system, adrenal system and over health and wellbeing of the person. These can be used by all the family and are a good general tonic to promote winter wellness. (Pending there are not underlying health issues or contraindications with pharmaceutical medications taken.)

Elderberry – Sambucus Nigra

I like to refer to this herb as our native echineaca as there are many similarities between the plants. Elderberries are anti-viral, immunomodulating, anti-inflammatory. They have a very long history of traditional use and have have been the subject of research indicating that they are useful in treating both viral and bacterial infection as well as supporting a healthy immune system.


Echinacea – Echinacea Angustifolia

Echineaca is probably one of the best known herbal remedies as it has been marketed well and is widely available. It’s best known for its immune-stimulating properties but also is effective in inhibiting Bacterial and viral illnesses from spreading. Echineaca is also a powerful alternative herb that cleans the blood and supports overall movement towards balanced health.

Lemon Balm – Melissa officinalis

This herb is primarily known for its powerful effects on the nervous system, having in particular an impact on symptoms of anxiety and insomnia. It is also a potent anti-viral herb, effective in cases of flu and other viral infections, with much research done to indicate its benefit in cases of herpes. A wonderful example of an anti-viral herb that side-effects include better sleep and less anxiety!!

St. John Wort – Hypericum perforatum