Working with people on both a physical and emotional healing level, there is one area that presents again and again as central to the healthy functioning of the individual. The Heart. On a physical level, when it stops functioning we die. On an emotional and energetic level, when its negatively impacted we disconnect and our relationship with those around us, the world a large and life itself can be hindered.

The Heart is always at the heart of the matter.
l recentIy wrote a piece on our abundant, native heart tonic Hawthorn – Crataegus. You can read about its benefits and how to use it here. I love to share when there are simple, local, abundant plants that nourish and strengthen our system on all levels, and it inevitably leads me to consider what other means can be used to tone and support us on a mind-body level.
As a natural healer, I’ve been trained to consider the emotion or energy that is connected to different organs in the body.
Every traditional healing system has an understanding of the emotional body and how it connects with the physical body and the importance of maintaining this balance. 
And when it comes to tending to our heart, the energy flow we connect with is that of Love. Which leads me to this piece and the understanding of Bert Hellingers “Orders of Love”. Hellinger is founder of the profound and dynamic psychotheraputic model called Family Constellations.
He observed that there is a natural order to the way love flows in family relationships that when uninterrupted and flowing correctly maintains balance and harmony in a family and the individuals.
However when that order is disrupted, he believed it is often family members in subsequent generations who experience the consequences of this disruption. This can manifest in repetitive negative patterns, illness both physical and mental, self-sabotaging behaviours and difficulties in relationships. 
Most of us at some time or another in life struggle with areas that seem out of our control, impossible to get a handle on and can find ourselves in scenarios where there is a distinct feeling that - 
“This is not my burden to carry” 
Well maybe your right!  With heavy hearts we can shoulder the burdens of our ancestors. We all understand how heart disease, cancer and other physiological manifestations of disease can be inherited from the generations gone by. This is a good starting place in coming to understand the emotional and energetic patterns and blockages that can also travel down to the next generation. And just as on a physiological level our heart is central to our life , indeed the energy of the heart or the orders of love are as important to balance for the healing of the whole person.
There are many ways to work with the energy of the heart, to balance and support the correct flow of energy, enhancing both physical and emotional wellbeing. The work of Family Constellations is one way which I have seen benefits from time and time again, as the underpinning principle of the correct order and flow of love works on such a very deep level. 
So if there is heart healing needed on any level, get some hawthorn herb into you and then sit and connect with your heart energy and ask yourself –
How are the Orders of Love flowing in your life? 
Caroline facilitates Family Constellation workshops at her centre in Greystones, Co, Wicklow, Ireland. She also uses a combination of the work and other ancestral healing techniques in her 1-1 and online group work. For more information on how to work with Caroline drop her an email at [email protected] 

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